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Protection Pack: KPLASS Cough Relief Patch, 3 Pcs

Protection Pack: KPLASS Cough Relief Patch, 3 Pcs

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Contains 3 patches

Specifications : Type A, non-woven fixing layer size - 70mm x 55mm, plaster size - 38mm x 30mm.

Structure : It consists of adhesive non-woven fabric, plasters (bamboo charcoal powder, far-infrared ceramic powder, plant essence), and release paper.

Indications : For the relief of symptoms associated with cough and expectorations such as the sore throat.

Precautions :

β€’ For external usage only, not for oral use;
β€’ Use with caution in case of skin damage, ulceration, and infection;
β€’ If there are slight itching and redness on the application area, please apply the anti-allergy ointment externally, and use the patch after the symptoms disappeared.
β€’ If the symptoms are not relieved, please see a doctor in time.

Storage Keep sealed, stored in a dry room at normal temperature

Shelf Life : 3 years

MOQ: 100