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50g KRAKAKOA Flavoured Range Chocolate I Halal

50g KRAKAKOA Flavoured Range Chocolate I Halal

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Choose from 5 different flavours

  • Flavoured Creamy Coffee Milk Chocolate – 40% Cocoa

A  creamy, velvety blend of aromatic Robusta and Arabica beans makes for an addictive latte in every bite.

  • Flavoured Cinnamon Dark Milk Chocolate – 53% Cocoa

A part sweet, part spicy indulgence of fragrant cinnamon blends harmoniously with a creamy caramel.

  • Flavoured Ginger Dark Milk Chocolate – 52% Cocoa

A warm, earthy aroma leads into a smooth honeyed creaminess with a delicate ginger spice.

  • Flavoured Chilli Dark Chocolate – 60% Cocoa

A hint of caramel gradually intensifies into a heat-filled kick from a fiery blend of Bird’s Eye and red chilli.

  • Flavoured Sea Salt & Pepper Dark Chocolate – 59% Cocoa

A potent combination of punchy pepper and subtle sea salt eases into a lingering savoury bitterness.

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