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Work From Anywhere (WFA) Pack II @ $108 each - MOQ: 100
Work From Anywhere (WFA) Pack II @ $108 each - MOQ: 100
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Work From Anywhere (WFA) Pack II @ $108 each - MOQ: 100
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Work From Anywhere (WFA) Pack II @ $108 each - MOQ: 100

Work From Anywhere (WFA) Pack II @ $108 each - MOQ: 100

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What is Included in the Pack?

  • Foldable Double-Sided Desktop Mat

Material: PU Leather

Size: 60cm x 30cm x 2mm (T)

Silky Smooth, Water Proof, Single Colour, Portable, Smart Design

Colour Available: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Grey

Printing: 1C logo print

Optional: MOQ: 100, Larger Size: 80cm x 40cm x 2mm (T) with additional S$2.50 + GST each with 1C logo print.

  •  Foldable Laptop/Tablet Stand

Material: Aluminium PP Silicone

Colour: Black and White

Printing: 1C logo printing

  •  Foldable Mobile Holder

Material: PVC and Aluminium

Size : 66x110x123mm

Colour : White

  •  Magic Treasure Box with 3-in-1 Data Cables

Meet the charging needs of all kinds of mobile phones, environmental protection and safety, polished shell, make the appearance more stylish and beautiful, can be connected to most electronic devices on the market, easy to use, this product is packaged in a blister card box, mini cute and convenient to carry, one line for four purposes, one is enough when you go out.

Material: PC+TPE line

Size: 21*6.5*2cm

Weight: 82g

Colour: Gray, White, Green, Orange

Application: Apple, Android, Type-C

Printing: 1C logo on 1 Spot

  •  SANWA Ergonomics Jelly Silica Gel Wrist Rest Pad 

Color : Black, Blue, Grey, Pink, White

Size : 133W x 69D x 20H mm

Printing : 1C logo print

  •  470ml ArtiArt Non-Slip Suction Mug

This very useful non-slip suction mug will make it difficult to tip over if knocked by accident, providing security in busy environments and around the home to help reduce splashes and spillages.

The mug is firmly grip to any flat, non-porous surface, resisting knocks and hits. But you can lift it naturally to have a sip without any resistance.

Features :

Smart Suction Design 
Remains steadfast and secure when knocked or banged by sudden force

Non-Slip & Leak-Proof
Supplied with a lid for extra protection

Good Quality Materials
Sturdy and durable food grade stainless steel

BPA free with Thin Wall Insulation
Keeps hot drinks up to 3 hours and cold drinks up to 6 hours

Easy to Carry
Dirt resistant, anti-skid rubber shell material with large handle design

Capacity: 470ml
Size : 9.6 x 14.2 x 14.1 cm
Packaging: Colour gift box
Available colour : White, Black, Rose, Turquoise

All items will be nicely packed into:-

  • Packaging : Kraft Box + Customised Belly Wrap​ with corporate logo and message

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 100  @ $108 each + GST

* In the event an item ordered is out of stock or not available, we reserve the right to replace any item with an equivalent valued item.