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Mandarin Orange Supplier Singapore - Mandarin Orange Bulk Order in Singapore

Why Mandarin Oranges are Significant during Chinese New Year?

Mandarin oranges, also known as tangerines, are a traditional symbol of good fortune and prosperity during Chinese New Year. These small, sweet oranges are often given as gifts during the holiday and are used to decorate homes and businesses.

Sending Care Pack Vs Hamper During Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, Mandarin Oranges and Ancient China

In ancient China, mandarin oranges were considered a symbol of wealth and good fortune because they were a rare and expensive luxury. They were often given as gifts to show respect and appreciation, and were believed to bring good luck to the recipient.

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Mandarin Orange and Important Symbol in Chinese New Year

Today, mandarin oranges are still an important symbol of Chinese New Year, and they are often given as gifts to friends, family, and business associates. The round, golden fruit is believed to represent abundance and prosperity, and it is thought to bring good luck to those who receive it.

In addition to their symbolic significance, mandarin oranges are also a staple of Chinese New Year celebrations because they are in season during the holiday. They are typically harvested in December and January, making them a fresh and flavorful addition to the holiday table.

During Chinese New Year, mandarin oranges are often displayed in bowls or baskets as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. They are also used in traditional dishes and desserts, including orange chicken and tangerine cake.

Overall, mandarin oranges are an important symbol of Chinese New Year, and their significance can be traced back to ancient China. Whether they are given as gifts, displayed as decorations, or enjoyed as part of a holiday feast, mandarin oranges are an integral part of the celebration of this festive holiday.

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