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Chinese New Year Gift Box SingaporeCNY Corporate Care Pack for Employees, Staff and CoWorkers! Impress your employees, coworkers and suppliers with our specially curated CNY gift hampers from Care Pack Singapore! Chinese New Year Gifts Collection

Chinese New Year Abalone Hamper or Personalised CNY Hamper Care Pack Singapore

If you're planning to give gifts to a lot of people this Chinese New Year, perhaps instead of getting a hamper full of gifts, you can give them a personalised Chinese New Year Hamper Care Pack instead? 

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Looking for ideas for CNY 2023 gifts for a corporate client, your friends or loveds ones? Get the best Chinese New Year Gift Box! 

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Reasons to send a Chinese New Year Hamper during Lunar New Year Celebrations

Here are a few reasons why sending a Chinese New Year hamper is the perfect way to show your appreciation and celebration during this special time of year:

  1. It's a thoughtful gesture: Sending a Chinese New Year hamper shows that you are thinking of the recipient and want to participate in their celebration, even if you can't be there in person. It's a small but meaningful way to show your love and support.

  2. It's a way to share culture: Chinese New Year is a time to celebrate and embrace Chinese culture. By sending a Chinese New Year hamper, you can share this aspect of your culture with others and help them learn more about it.

  3. It's a way to support small businesses: Many small businesses in China, particularly those that produce traditional Chinese New Year gifts, rely on the holiday season for a significant portion of their annual income. By sending a Chinese New Year hamper, you can help support these businesses and contribute to the local economy.

  4. It's a way to spread joy: Chinese New Year is a time of joy and happiness, and a Chinese New Year hamper is a tangible way to spread that joy to others. It's a thoughtful and meaningful way to make someone's day.

CNY Hamper and Gift - Singapore Doorstep Delivery

We created the most fantastic CNY hampers exclusively designed for this festive season! We created the most valuable CNY hampers with the best premium quality in Singapore! Shop our luxurious collection of CNY hampers online in Singapore!! 

CNY corporate gifts Singapore (CNY Care Packs and Hampers)

Mandarin Orange (Ponkan or Lukan) baskets are a common and proper gift for your Chinese hosts, and they can be found in many large shops. Giving a box of oranges or a box of apples is also recommended, because apples and oranges respectively symbolize safety and fortune.

Step in to enjoy auspicious Chinese New Year hampers & gift care box deals with Chinese New Year Gift Box Singapore.