Care Pack: Holidays Special Thanksgiving Pack @ $58 each - MOQ: 10

Care Pack: Holidays Special Thanksgiving Pack @ $58 each - MOQ: 10

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What is Included in the Pack?

  • 1x Healthy Snack (Halal): 100g Skinnie Biscotti

  • 1x Healthy Snack (Halal): 28g x 7 NutriOne Apple Pie - Baked Nuts & Dried Fruits Daily Pack

  • 1x Healthy Snack (Halal): 40g Noi Baked Crispy Seaweed

  • 1x Healthy Snack (Halal): 85g NutriOne Baked Nuts & Berry Mix / Baked Nuts & Fruit Medley (Unsalted)

  • 1x Healthy Snack (Halal): 160g Amore Oat Cookies

  • 1x Other Local Snacks (Halal): 65g The Kettle Gourmet Popcorn

  • 1x Other Local Snacks (Halal): 55g Tong Garden Popcorn Cheese, Caramel or Bubble Tea Flavour

  • 1x Other Snacks (Halal): 200g BELGIAN Chocolate Hearts

  • 2x Immunity Pack: 42ml Brands Berry Essence

  • 1x Immunity Pack: Redoxon Triple Action Effervescent Orange or Blackcurrant, 10 tablets

All items will be nicely packed into the Care Pack Box which consists:-

  • Packaging : Kraft Box with paper fillers + customised Belly Wrap​ with corporate logo and message

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ): 10 @ $58 each + GST

* In the event an item ordered is out of stock or not available, we reserve the right to replace any item with an equivalent valued item.