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Introducing our extremely limited Corporate Mooncake Care Packs!


2 x Single mooncake (Halal) - individually wrapped with an oxygen absorber
Weight: ±180g per pc. Low Sugar. Shelf Life: 1-2 Months from Date of Production. Storage in Ambient.

2 Flavours to Choose From:
• 2 x Baked (Low Sugar) White Lotus Paste OR

• 2 x Baked (Low Sugar) Royal Red Bean Melon Seed

Optional Add-On:
• Original Baker's Oven Packaging Box = to hold 2 x original mooncakes @ S$2 + GST each

Choose From 4 Amazing Deals!

DEAL 1: Main Item + 2 Additional Items

Unit Price: S$33 + GST (per set)

Add 2 x Drinks Pack: 250ml Gryphon Tea Co Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea
All Natural Cold-Brewed Sparkling Tea with Real Fruit Juice. Botanically cold brewing for 12 hours captures the essence of tea, ensuring what nature offers is not lost.

Earl Grey Lavender with Strawberry - Black Tea with Calabrian Bergamot, French Lavender and Strawberry
Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit - Japanese Sencha with Golden Osmanthus and Passionfruit
Pearl of The Orient with Lychee - Jasmine Green Tea with Moroccan Pink Rose and Lychee

Add 1 x Healthy Snack (Halal): Crunch Cutlery Carry Box (2 sets) - Strawberry Almonds
Here's a fun new way to enjoy your favourite snack! With edible Crunch Cutlery! Deliciously flavoured with Strawberry Almonds, you will be left to wonder - which tastes better? My spoon or snack!

Each box contains two individually packaged Crunch Cutlery sets for convenience. They are easy to carry around for everyday use. Every Crunch Cutlery is bursting with nutrition, containing 8 different sources of fibre for better gut health and overall nutrition.

DEAL 2: Main Item + 2 Additional Items

Unit Price: S$43 + GST (per set)

Add 1 x Drinks Pack: ROJI Momotaro - 15 silken sachets
Breaking out from the typical Japanese or Chinese-centric teas available in the market, our Tea Master brings to you Roji Cha - a fun and youthful Japanese tea product that hopes to cultivate and enhance tea drinking among consumers with more choices of flavours and varieties. Japanese Sencha with White Peach
• Ingredients: Green Tea, Dried Peach, Peach Blossoms, Natural Flavourings
(Tea Maker’s Note: Soothing relaxation with the soft sweet fragrance of white peach)

Add 1 x Healthy Snack (Halal): Crunch Cutlery Carry Box (2 sets) - Brown Caramel Oats

DEAL 3: Main Item + 2 Additional Items

Unit Price: S$42 + GST (per set)

Add 1 x Ujong Gourmet Herbal Tisane
Gathering inspiration from our Asian roots, Ujong Gourmet Herbal Tisane range features herbs, florals, and spices that represent the diversity of our Asian heritage. Crafted by the rich imagination of Ujong Gourmet’s mater tea blender, these herb blends will sooth your senses, promising a calm respite from the urban hassle.

Osmanthus, Red Date &Marigold - 15 Teabags x 3.5g
Bael, Pandan and Longan Herbal Tisane - 15 Teabags x 3.5g
Ginger, Galangal & Lemongrass - 15 Teabags x 3.5g

Add 1 x Healthy Snack (Halal): Crunch Cutlery Carry Box (2 sets) - Brown Caramel Oats

DEAL 4: Main Item + 2 Additional Premium Items

Unit Price: S$52 + GST (per set)

Add 2 x Sachi - Soy Wine (Alcoholic) 187ml, 5.8%, Original

Sachi is the world's first soy alcoholic beverage, brewed sustainably from soy whey which is derived from tofu. It is light on the palate, with honey notes on the nose and a smooth umeshu-like finish.

Available in 4 assorted flavours:
· Sachi 5.8%, Original
· Sachi 5.8%, Peach & Oolong
· Sachi 5.8%, Lychee & Rose
· Sachi 5.8%, Yuzu & Bergamot

Consume chilled at 4°C for the best drinking experience. Cloudiness/sedimentation is natural due to naturally occurring soluble soy proteins - shake well before consumption. Best before date as indicated on the bottle.

Ingredients: Made from 100% soy whey
Allergens: Soy, Alcohol 5.8%
Light in Calories, High in Antioxidants, Vegan and Gluten Free

Brewed and bottled sustainably in Singapore.

All items will be packed in a Custom Kraft box (reusable and recyclable materials) and with paper filler to protect the gift items + customised belly wrap (logo, message and name of recipient will be directly printed on it)


Reach out to us for additional customization and to place your order now!

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